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Dedicated Book

Unmanned Aerial Systems in Agriculture: Eyes Above Fields

This book aims at bridging the gap on the disseminated knowledge on the use and operations of UASs in agri-production during the last decades. The proposed book approaches aspects of digital farming facilitated by the use of autonomous aerial platforms in a holistic way, contributing to the development of integrated agricultural systems, using information acquired by aerial remote sensors.
The Book is dealing with themes that include: UAS applications in agriculture (i.e., sensing and scouting; fertilization management; pest management; yield prediction), operational aspects of UAS (i.e., path planning for sampling operations; coverage planning (for mosaicking operations); mission planning; and navigation aspects; interoperability between Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and UAS), as well as sustainability issues (i.e. safety aspects in UAS use; human-UAS cooperation and interactions; energy efficiency for in-farm UAS; economic sustainability of using UAS in agriculture) and future trends in the implementation of UAS in agriculture
Editors: Dionysis Bochtis, Aristotelos C. Tagarakis, Dimitrios Kateris