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Full paper submissions will be considered as candidates for the Special Issue “Sensors and Robotics for Digital Agriculture” of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220). This special issue belongs to the section “Sensors and Robotics”.
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in sensors and robotic systems as part of the digitalization of agriculture, which has the potential to vastly increase agricultural systems’ efficiency and sustainability. Agricultural robots (including automation and amended intelligent IT systems) can accomplish various tasks which can lead to more efficient farm management and improved profitability. Sensors deployed on agricultural robots are an essential component for the robots’ autonomy and agronomical functions. These sensors include navigation sensors, context and situation awareness sensors, and sensors ensuring a safe execution of the operation as regards autonomy, as well as sensor technologies for yield mapping and measuring, soil sensing, nutrient and pesticide application, irrigation control, selective harvesting, etc. as regards agronomical functions, all in the framework of precision agriculture applications.
The purpose of this Special Issue is to publish research articles, as well as review articles, addressing recent advances in systems and processes in the field of sensors and robotics within the concept of precision agriculture. Indicatively, research topics include: Human–robot interaction, Computer vision, Robot sensing systems, Artificial intelligence and machine learning, Sensor fusion in agri-robotics, Variable rate applications, Farm management information systems, Remote sensing, ICT applications, UAVs in agriculture, Agri-robotics navigation and awareness, SLAM—Simultaneous localization and mapping, Resource-constrained navigation in agricultural environments, Mapping and obstacle avoidance in agricultural environments.