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Prof. Krzysztof Koszela

Prof. Krzysztof Koszela is Head of the Department of Applied Computer Science at the Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Biosystems Engineering. He is also President of the Polish Society for ICT in Agriculture, Forestry and Food production and President of the Food Cluster of Southern Wielkopolska Region.

His Research fields and methods include:
Agri-food processing and storage (cereal grains, oil seeds, fruit and vegetables). Theory and applications of computational intelligence, including neural networks, similarity-based systems, relations with fuzzy systems, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, selection of relevant information, visualization of multidimensional data and relations, meta-learning techniques. Software engineering tools and methods, object-oriented programming. Business management, management process, trends in management, leadership and management. Major approaches to management. Basic manager roles and skills.
He is active in the field of organization and dissemination of science with business, business environment units, local governments. He participated in the field of supporting R&D activity within the partnership between science and entrepreneurship.
He is involved in several research projects as a project leader and author of numerous publications in the area of agri-food processing.