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Prof. Pietro Catania

Pietro Catania is Associate Professor of Agricultural Mechanics at the Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences Department of the University of Palermo, Italy. Received his PhD in Mechanics and Agricultural Mechanization from the University of Catania, Italy. Scientific coordinator and reference of several projects funded on competitive national and international calls. Expert in mechanics and agricultural mechanization and in plants for the food industry with particular reference to: management and monitoring of production activities through the use of precision agriculture; use of innovative technologies (SCADA, LoRA, IoT etc.) for the monitoring and control of agri-food production; evaluation of the corporate sustainability of agri-food production; technical and economic analysis of machines and plants for food production. More recently, the research activity has focused on qualitative assessments conducted in agro-food plants with innovative and non-invasive techniques and through process analyses carried out using sensors, software and “real time” systems, management of the mechanization of the vineyard, risk assessment for agricultural operators and the agro-food industry. He is the author of more than 100 articles published on journals and conference proceedings. He is Member of the Italian Association of Agricultural Engineering (AIIA), of the European Agricultural Engineering (EurAgEng) and of the International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR); he is past President of CIOSTA (2015-2017), secretary of the CIGR V Section for the period 2018–2022, member of the Agricultural Academy and member of the Olive and Olive-Oil Academy.